St Albans Comic Con 2019

*clears off the cobwebs, blows the dust off her keyboard* Hey… It’s been a while. Should I re-introduce myself? I don’t know how a come back works…

I guess I should apologise. I’ve been away for a while – it was a bit here and there before I left, and then I just vanished. Well, lucky you – I’m back! My format may change a little. Blogs will now be shorter, snappier, to the point. It will be every week OR every two weeks – I can’t promise that I can see/read/watch/do something new every week when working full time now. But I am back, I promise.

Comic Con! – St Albans Comic Con, Creed Conventions, 2019

Anyway, I was invited back to Comic Con in St Albans this year! Like last year, I had a blast! Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for very long, and didn’t have much time to talk to all of the celebs there, as they were all so busy with their signings (maybe next year I’ll go for the end rather than the beginning, that worked better last year) – it’s been a super busy weekend, with our local village weekend, therefore I didn’t get to speak to that many people, and only spent a small amount of money (last year I spent way too much!)
My material gains this year include – a limited edition collectors coin from Xmen: Apocalypse, A Wonder Woman print from Sam Rogers Art, A Khal Drogo and Dany print from Kirsten Rose, A pin-up Rapunzel print from Duncan Gutteridge, vegan chocolate from Ana of rockpopcandy, A sushi bathbomb from Lush, Luke and Harry from Chaos City Comics and their local artist Adam Falp from whom I got an adaptation of Frankenstein.
I spoke to many lovely cosplayers, including a Deadpool with an amazing accent (I recall it being West Country off the top of my head) and he was lovely to talk to. I also saw many Ghostbusters – which is good, because what if there’s a ghost around!

Pictures below! – I haven’t tagged any of them, but if you want one tagged please message me and I will!

I didn’t get many calling cards this year, but thank you to everyone that I spoke to especially – Sam from Sam Rogers Art, Tony from Tony’s Movie Stuff, Duncan Gutteridge (original Sonic artist), Kirsten from, Luke and Harry from Chaos City Comics and Adam Falp, Ana from, and the ladies from St Alban’s Lush!

Did we see each other at SACC? Would you like to collab? Get in contact with me by leaving a comment below, using the contact page or sending an email to!

‘Only best buddies execute pedophiles together.’ – Deadpool 2

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your extra day of weekend! I sure did, which is why this review is out on a Tuesday and not a Monday! I have done a lot of walking, enjoying myself at my local county show, and then going to the cinema. My review of that movie next week. This week is my review of the movie I saw last weekend – Deadpool 2.
Without further ado, review incoming!


deadpool cover

Deadpool loves you. – Deadpool 2, 20th Century Fox, 2018

Deadpool 2 is the 11th (yes 11th!) installment to the X Men franchise. The storyline for this movie is hilarious, and is as follows, I can’t describe it better than this:


After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the Yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.

I don’t know what I can say without giving spoilers so SPOILER WARNING FROM HERE ON OUT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The Creation of Deadpool – Deadpool 2, 20th Century Fox, 2018

I loved this movie. Every second. Whilst some of the scenes felt a tad rushed (the Xforce bit especially). And sure some of the skits were played for laughs, but it works for a Deadpool movie – it’s meant to be stupid and funny. I actually think it was better than the original movie. This one felt better planned, the jokes were just as funny if not funnier, and there were more characters having to deal with Deadpool’s crap. I would be annoyed to have to deal with him all day too. Domino is a babe, and I love her a lot. She was amazing. Go Domino! Also go Cable, Negasonic, Yukio (Hi Wade! Hi Yukio!) and Firefist! Go team!
Much of the dialogue in Deadpool is ad libbed, which makes the movie funnier in my opinion. Ryan Reynolds has been seen saying that he had many different lines for each joke, and wasn’t burning any film so felt like he could just say lines until one stuck or felt right.
The death of Wade’s girlfriend, Vanessa, was very sad. But hey it’s been all retconned so never mind! (The end credits scenes were probably the best part of the film. Very funny)

The writing out of the X-men from being in the movie was hilarious. They just shut the door on helping him out. Purely ignoring his existence. Very funny. Also means they don’t have to pay lots of money for all of the X-Men for the whole of the film. His X-Men clothing was very funny, the yellow shirt over his uniform, and his call back to his X-Force clothing (white and black) was also very good.

I would really recommend people watch Deadpool 2. Especially if they’ve seen the first. Go watch it. It’s a good 2ish hours of your life.

[Header Image: Deadpool 2, 20th Century Fox, 2018]

‘The Web? Yeah, It’s a Job and a Hobby’ – Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The Library has recently installed some computers, which we’ve installed some games on, and I am glad that people get to experience the thrill of running around as their favourite super heroes. I am also a huge fan of lego (it keeps the children quiet in the children’s section, so the parents can  go and browse). What’s better than putting those together and getting a Lego game? This game takes form in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
Let’s get to ‘Master Building’ this review!


They even look like their respective characters! – Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of the story of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Something about the supervillains getting together to rule the world. You know, general bad guy stuff. 
I remember that I liked playing it, and I liked the way that the characters were formed from their source material. The main characters were like how they were meant to be; Iron Man was indeed a millionaire playboy philanthropist, Hulk/Bruce was a smart man and a bumbling idiot (the villain Mastermind calls him a “Man of Two minds” and that really shows).  Lego probably get paid a lot of money to make their characters believable, so that’s no big surprise really.


My favourite X-(wo)man; Jean Grey / The Phoenix in Lego form- Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013

I do have a few issues with it though. Some of the characters are exactly the same; Wolverine and Beast have the same “beast senses”, claws, run on all fours and both even look the same bar being re-paints.
Some of the story doesn’t add up either. In one part, Storm flies to a secret island yet during actual game play she can’t actually fly. Not only is this annoying, it’s completely out of character for Storm – who can fly using the power of Storms (obviously.) The large model characters, like Hulk, Thing or Abomination, can sometimes go a bit wild and what you thought was hitting an enemy was actually killing your player 2.
And don’t get me started on the fact that Spiderman, (seemingly late-teenage Peter Parker), just pops up out of no where…just out of nothingness. Just there. He’s an extremely annoying character that the game makes you have to bring along with you at every step.

Overall, I suggest giving it a play. Even though the story is perhaps lacking in memorable content, there’s so many Easter-eggs and other small snippets or call backs to other Lego games and other Marvel characters. Plus, Mr Fantastic’s idle animation is him turning into a tea-pot – and that is hilarious.
Have you played Lego Marvel Super heroes? What about the DC  games? What’s your favourite Lego super hero? Leave a comment down below.
(Header Image: Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013)

Welcome to the Library

Hello, and welcome to The Faceless Librarian the blog to be for all things superhero review! Sit back, with a cup of something warm, and learn about the worlds of superheros, heroines and villains alike.
I will be reviewing anything from IDW’s Jem (feature image) to DC’s Bombshells or even Marvel’s Deadpool.

I hope you come back soon!

And remember – Shush! You’re in the library!

(Header Image: Jem and the Holograms, Volume One, IDW 2015)