No Review 30/4/18!

Hi everyone! No review this week as I am just finishing with all my assignments and it’s our resident Seb on the Silver Mountain’s and my anniversary weekend, so we’re going to spend it watching films and doing stuff!

Thanks for keeping with me over these few weeks, but I am finally more free to do some reviews! Tune in at the end of the month for a very special review too!

What kind of reviews do you fancy seeing from me in the future? Movies, games or even your fave new authors? Leave a comment down below!

No Review this Week! – 6/3/18

Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed a snowy week and built lots of snow-librarians (those are a thing right?)

I have been swamped with univeristy work this week, and will be up until the end of April – just need to get it all done and then you have my undivided attention!

I’m so sorry it’s been so patchy recently, I feel awful for it, honestly I do!

Next week I shall be giving you the low down on all the games I’m playing at the moment and the ones I just love so much and just havw to share -mmos, adventures, point and clicks – you name a genre I’ve probably played something in it!

I aim to make it a bumper post, there’s a lot to fit in, so it gives me a week to play a bit more and perhaps give you some screen-caps of my characters and some detailed background info on it all!

Stick with me through this next month or so please! I promise it will be worth it!

I really am sorry that I can’t give you all my undivided attention! Is there anything you’d like to see my review – it can be any medium (book, movie, comic, game) and doesn’t have to be an adaptation! Leave a comment down below!

No Review this Week! – 12/02/18

Hello everyone! I have been struck down this week, quite badly, and therefore have not had the strength to do anything then watch My Little Pony on repeat – yes, I will admit to that, just this once! As much as I would love to, I know you guys wouldn’t want a review of that – especially when it could just be a drug-fuelled mess! – so I won’t be giving you guys a review this week! I am sorry!

Next week you’ll have to tune in for Seb’s (@sebonthesilvermountain) ‘Top 10 TV shows and Movies’ – things that he’s really liked! Some I have spoken about, but I’ll let him explain them better! I’ll be out of the UK, enjoying some winter sun.

See you in a couple weeks!

Sorry I’m sick guys! Any of you feeling the winter flu? While you’re here, why don’t you tell me what things you want to see here for 2018? Leave a comment down below!

New Years 2017


I have had a really amazing year writing for you guys and cannot wait to get back into it once the holidays are over (Eg. Next week) I spent my New Years eating food and watching Black Mirror (tune in for that review soon!)

Give me a hint about anything you want me to write about in the comments below.

I’ll see you next week to shed some light on the Star Wars feud, and my own views on it!

What do you want to see in 2018? Leave a comment down below!

Christmas 2017

We made it guys! Our first Christmas together! Have you enjoyed 2017? While not so much in real life, I’ve had a great year with you guys and hope you’ve enjoyed reading with me!

As it’s the holidays and I’m enjoying it with my family, including Seb, I’ll leave you with one question.

What do you want to see in 2018? Leave a comment down below!

Have an amazing Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year for a Star Wars review!

Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2017

Happy Monday readers! Have we all have a good weekend? I know I did! I also walked about 16 thousand steps and ate a lot of ramen! That’s right – I left my library and went to Hyper Japan Christmas Market with my best friend from college, Daisy, her brother, Toron, and Seb, our resident Man on the Silver Mountain.

I mostly wanted to do this post to show off my mega haul (yes, I spent a lot of money), and give you guys a couple tasters from my new snacks – pray that it tastes good!
Before we get there, check out some pictures of the day below! Most of these photos were taken by Daisy! She seemed to get her phone out at every possible moment, saving my precious phone space!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Tofu Cute’s Japanese snacks; Birthday Cake Oreos, 3 versions of Pocky, Hello Panda, Melty Kiss, Popin’ Cookin’ and Pokémon drinks!

Now, onto Japanese snacks! I’m testing these with Seb, who is a chocoholic at heart (though he will never say he is), so we will only be eating some of the chocolate confections I purchased from Tofu Cutethe UK’s leading retailer for Japanese snacks!

We decided to try the pejoy, an inside out version of pocky which is apparently quite rare outside of Japan. The only way I can describe it is like a bad version of an oreo. The chocolate sticks were a bit “sweaty” tasting (Seb’s words, not mine) but they’re incredibly moreish!
We also drank our Pokémon drinks; Seb’s was the Charmander one (unsurprisingly orange flavoured) and mine was the Jigglypuff one (peach flavoured). They were sparkling waters, and we both agreed they were worth the money for the collectable can and tasty drink. The easiest way to describe them is “like a more aromatic soda” (fanta and the like).

I had a really good day at Hyper Japan, and I really want to go back next year. It was a lovely day out and I really suggest you all head along! Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

Do you go to conventions? MCM or Hyper Japan? What about another one! I’d love to know so leave a comment down below! Tell me of ones I don’t know!


No New Review This Week! – 23/10/17


Sorry, guys!


Me right now – Mean Girls, Paramount, 2004



I have caught the flu, so am feeling pretty sorry for myself. I attempted to read Ms. Marvel, but nothing went in – tune in next week for that!




While I’m absent, check out:


Luke’s Logo! 

My illustrator, Luke Ridge on his WebsiteFacebook, Instagram and Twitter. He drew my amazing logo and headers. He’s a great nerdy artist – I think he’s currently working on Star Wars things! Give him a good lot of love!



And also check out:


Seb’s Logo! 

My collaborator, Seb Tudor (aka Man on the Silver Mountain). You can find him over on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook!  We collaborate regularly, and play loads of games together! He’s a Life Coach by trade, but does videos on games as well as life tips! Go give him a watch and a like!



Sorry I couldn’t be around this week! Please give my friends some love – they appreciate it! 


The Hots and Nots of Mainstream Comics, Spring 2017

Hello and welcome to the first ever Librarian’s podcast, readers! I ventured out the library to chat to Luke, the manager from Chaos City Comics, about his ‘Hots and Nots’ of early 2017 Marvel and DC comics.


Marvel’s current comic selection

As an aside; I talk about the ‘dungeon’. Please don’t worry! There is no actual dungeon! It’s the basement of Chaos, which is where the back catalogue is. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons down there, ergo the name stuck.

Stay tuned for the full hour podcast in the coming few weeks, where we find out about Luke’s indie comic loves too! 


Welcome to the Library

Hello, and welcome to The Faceless Librarian the blog to be for all things superhero review! Sit back, with a cup of something warm, and learn about the worlds of superheros, heroines and villains alike.
I will be reviewing anything from IDW’s Jem (feature image) to DC’s Bombshells or even Marvel’s Deadpool.

I hope you come back soon!

And remember – Shush! You’re in the library!

(Header Image: Jem and the Holograms, Volume One, IDW 2015)