‘Bringing your grand total to the modest sum of… 198,000 bells!’ – Animal Crossing, 2020

Play this as you read the introduction!

Good morning, fellow campers! Wakey wakey, rise and shine. It’s a beautiful day here on Cape Kitty. Today’s time is 12.00, midday, on the 30th of March 2020. Today’s news is that… 2020 is officially cancelled. A plague, commonly known as the ‘corona virus’ or COVID-19 has literally shut down all countries pretty quickly. We here at Cape Kitty want you to know you are in safe hands with myself, Isabelle, and our over-lord and master, Mr. Tom Nook (with his sons Tommy and Timmy).

Animal Crossing Date with Katie! – Animal Crossing, Nintendo, 2020

As you can see, I have spent the week with my eyes glued to the joy of a game that is Animal Crossing. I think you can tell that I have really enjoyed it so far. I’ve been making sure to log in every day. Thing’s I have achieved? I have: Made my character, called my island Cape Kitty, found a place to call my own, made 5 houses for villagers, decided my house should have a purple roof, Nook’s Cranny, the Museum, Resident’s services and a villager arriving tomorrow. (Before you ask, yes I am time travelling occasionally, especially early game, I don’t see the issue with it at all).

The trailer screen – Animal Crossing, Nintendo, 2020

My favourite thing has to be the museum. The fact that it’s all about evolution, and for small children playing Animal Crossing you have the ability to actually teach them evolution from the fossils exhibit – I love the little window at the top that lights up when a human stands on the last line. The little submarine windows in the fish exhibit. The little butterfly house in the insect exhibit (which is where my featured image comes from). I love finding new things to fill it with; I love the thriving echo system that it creates. I will be sinking many hours, including time travelled ones, into this game!

Have you played Animal Crossing? Will you? What’s your view on time travel? For or against? Leave a comment down below!

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