No Review 13/08/18

Hey everyone! No review this week as it is crunch time with dissertation and I have been writing nothing but! I am so sorry for constantly ducking out recently, but there’s a lot of work to do at the moment! Whilst I’ve been binge watching tele as I work, it’s not been possible for me to pay attention enough to binge and have an opinion enough to review, because I’m just so snowed under!

In a couple of weeks I have just under a whole month off, so I will be doing a big backlog of posts to get my ready for my first week of a real proper job (I know, scary times!)

I will be back next week with my review of Insatiable, where I want to discuss if it is really as controversial as it seems!

Is there anything you’d like me to review! I love hearing your suggestions! Keep them coming! Leave a comment down below! 

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