Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2017

Happy Monday readers! Have we all have a good weekend? I know I did! I also walked about 16 thousand steps and ate a lot of ramen! That’s right – I left my library and went to Hyper Japan Christmas Market with my best friend from college, Daisy, her brother, Toron, and Seb, our resident Man on the Silver Mountain.

I mostly wanted to do this post to show off my mega haul (yes, I spent a lot of money), and give you guys a couple tasters from my new snacks – pray that it tastes good!
Before we get there, check out some pictures of the day below! Most of these photos were taken by Daisy! She seemed to get her phone out at every possible moment, saving my precious phone space!

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Tofu Cute’s Japanese snacks; Birthday Cake Oreos, 3 versions of Pocky, Hello Panda, Melty Kiss, Popin’ Cookin’ and Pokémon drinks!

Now, onto Japanese snacks! I’m testing these with Seb, who is a chocoholic at heart (though he will never say he is), so we will only be eating some of the chocolate confections I purchased from Tofu Cutethe UK’s leading retailer for Japanese snacks!

We decided to try the pejoy, an inside out version of pocky which is apparently quite rare outside of Japan. The only way I can describe it is like a bad version of an oreo. The chocolate sticks were a bit “sweaty” tasting (Seb’s words, not mine) but they’re incredibly moreish!
We also drank our Pokémon drinks; Seb’s was the Charmander one (unsurprisingly orange flavoured) and mine was the Jigglypuff one (peach flavoured). They were sparkling waters, and we both agreed they were worth the money for the collectable can and tasty drink. The easiest way to describe them is “like a more aromatic soda” (fanta and the like).

I had a really good day at Hyper Japan, and I really want to go back next year. It was a lovely day out and I really suggest you all head along! Maybe I’ll see you there next year!

Do you go to conventions? MCM or Hyper Japan? What about another one! I’d love to know so leave a comment down below! Tell me of ones I don’t know!


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