‘You might be pregnant now.’ – Split, 2017

Today, I thought that I would review a movie – no comic book relation at all here. Last night I sat down and watched Split, we recently restocked the M. Night Shyamalan shelf (yes, he has enough movies under his belt to constitute his own section). Let’s just say – it’s weird. It’s amazing, but it’s weird. It’s also an 18+ so viewer discretion is advised.


A selection of the primary personalities in Split – Split, M. Night Shyamalan, 2017

Split is the second film in the Unbreakable franchise. I will openly admit to never having seen Unbreakable, which is bad of me I know, but I didn’t feel like you had to have seen that movie to understand what was going on in this one. Though they have one, very shoehorned in, connection Split does seem to work by itself.

I really liked the acting within this movie. James McAvoy is a stunning actor, and his ability to jump from one personality to another is insane; especially when one personality is literally answering the other. As if McAvoy has 3 seconds to prepare himself for a complete change of character. I really hope he won, or will win, many awards for this acting – it was top notch.
Casey was also very well acted, especially as a kid from a troubled background. Unlike the other two teenage girls, who are stereotypical American teens, Casey juxtaposes them – she’s a quiet kid, who lives a troubled life. Slight spoiler – McAvoy’s Kevin calls her ‘broken’, equating them to be the same.


Casey Cook in Split. She’s not like the rest of the girls – Split, M. Night Shyamalan, 2017

Obviously, as it’s an M. Night movie, it can’t be a straight forward movie. Of course there can’t just be 23 personalities, and the story around that. M. Night Shyamalan does not do ‘normal’, he does weird. About half way, to three quarters, the movie just got weird. The horde, a collection of 3 of the 23 personalities who are evilly aligned, begin to help create a 24th identity. I feel for poor Kevin; there’s just not enough room in his head for all of these people.

Yes this was quick, and slightly spoilery (sorry!) – I really suggest watching the movie. It’s a good stand alone, and from my sources it’s also a good homage to the original. I can’t speak more about it without spoiling everything about the story, so just go watch.

It’s on the shelf at the back. You can have it out on loan for up to a week.

Have you seen Split? What about Unbreakable? Are you looking forward to M. Night’s new superhero continuity? Or are you worried it’ll be a flop like Avatar: The Last Airbender? Leave a comment below!

(Header Image: Split, M. Night Shyamalan, 2017)


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