‘The Web? Yeah, It’s a Job and a Hobby’ – Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The Library has recently installed some computers, which we’ve installed some games on, and I am glad that people get to experience the thrill of running around as their favourite super heroes. I am also a huge fan of lego (it keeps the children quiet in the children’s section, so the parents can  go and browse). What’s better than putting those together and getting a Lego game? This game takes form in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
Let’s get to ‘Master Building’ this review!


They even look like their respective characters! – Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of the story of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Something about the supervillains getting together to rule the world. You know, general bad guy stuff. 
I remember that I liked playing it, and I liked the way that the characters were formed from their source material. The main characters were like how they were meant to be; Iron Man was indeed a millionaire playboy philanthropist, Hulk/Bruce was a smart man and a bumbling idiot (the villain Mastermind calls him a “Man of Two minds” and that really shows).  Lego probably get paid a lot of money to make their characters believable, so that’s no big surprise really.


My favourite X-(wo)man; Jean Grey / The Phoenix in Lego form- Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013

I do have a few issues with it though. Some of the characters are exactly the same; Wolverine and Beast have the same “beast senses”, claws, run on all fours and both even look the same bar being re-paints.
Some of the story doesn’t add up either. In one part, Storm flies to a secret island yet during actual game play she can’t actually fly. Not only is this annoying, it’s completely out of character for Storm – who can fly using the power of Storms (obviously.) The large model characters, like Hulk, Thing or Abomination, can sometimes go a bit wild and what you thought was hitting an enemy was actually killing your player 2.
And don’t get me started on the fact that Spiderman, (seemingly late-teenage Peter Parker), just pops up out of no where…just out of nothingness. Just there. He’s an extremely annoying character that the game makes you have to bring along with you at every step.

Overall, I suggest giving it a play. Even though the story is perhaps lacking in memorable content, there’s so many Easter-eggs and other small snippets or call backs to other Lego games and other Marvel characters. Plus, Mr Fantastic’s idle animation is him turning into a tea-pot – and that is hilarious.
Have you played Lego Marvel Super heroes? What about the DC  games? What’s your favourite Lego super hero? Leave a comment down below.
(Header Image: Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013)

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