‘She can do it!’ – DC Bombshells for International Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s day was the 8th of March this year, and I thought it would be a great time to review one of my favourite DC series – DC Bombshells. These sassy queens have been around for a very long time now, so there’s a lot of them on our shelves; not just in Bombshell form, might I add.

DC Bombshells Collage

DC’s Bombshells statues – From Top Left to Bottom Right;  Black Canary, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn (elf attire). Sculpted by Tim Miller

For anyone that doesn’t know – DC Bombshells is set in an alternative past, during WWII. It started as a series of statuettes (pictured left). These went down so well with the DC collectors and fans alike, that they decided to give these vixen’s their own stories.

Without further ado, I bring you DC Bombshells Issue 1 (there’s so much to grasp at from just one issue).  Bare in mind that I am completely up to date (bar a few issues) with the Bombshells franchise, so I will attempt to make this as spoiler free as possible.

Issue 1, titled Enlisted, introduces us to the Batwoman (Kate Kane), a baseball player who ‘shames her opponents on and off the diamond!’ She is a lesbian, living with Maggie Sawyer a local journalist, except this time her relationship is top secret (because it’s the 1940’s).
We are also introduced to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. And this does have me wondering – will the new Wonder Woman movie draw any references from the Bombshells universe? It is in the same time period, for them, at least.


The Front Cover Girls. Top left to bottom right; Black Canary, Catwoman, Mera, Star Girl, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Hawk Girl, Super Girl, Katana, Zantana, Bat Girl. – DC Bombshells, DC, 2015

We are also introduced to Kortni Duginovna and Kara Starikov, better known to you and me as Star Girl and Supergirl. Whereas Batwoman and Wonder Woman are Americans, Star Girl and Supergirl are the opposition – they are Russians. Their story is rather sweet, Kortni’s mother had an affair with an Englishman (very frowned upon) and found herself a lovely Russian man who adopted the baby as his own. One night, a  meteor hit the earth, and they found Kara in it. The couple raised the girls as twins, and they became best friends. Everybody say ‘awwww…’
There’s also Germans in the form of the Joker’s daughter and Zantana; and even Brits in the form of Mera/Aquawoman, who works for the Navy.

Without some solid basis in WWII history, reading these comics might be an impossible read. Though they do look very pretty, so perhaps buy them for the gorgeous artwork?

Have you read Bombshells? Do you like it? What about other iterations of the DC universe? Which is your fave?

(Header image: DC Bombshells, DC, 2015-Present)


The Hots and Nots of Mainstream Comics, Spring 2017

Hello and welcome to the first ever Librarian’s podcast, readers! I ventured out the library to chat to Luke, the manager from Chaos City Comics, about his ‘Hots and Nots’ of early 2017 Marvel and DC comics.


Marvel’s current comic selection

As an aside; I talk about the ‘dungeon’. Please don’t worry! There is no actual dungeon! It’s the basement of Chaos, which is where the back catalogue is. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons down there, ergo the name stuck.

Stay tuned for the full hour podcast in the coming few weeks, where we find out about Luke’s indie comic loves too! 


‘Logan… I have to pee’ – Marvel’s Logan, is it as good as everyone says it is?

I ventured out of the library last night to go see Logan. The question I had when I left was ‘Is it as good as everyone says it is?’ The simple answer to this is YES. You can leave now, you don’t have to read the rest. In fact, go and watch it, ASAP.

Oh…you’re still here, right…I should get down to my review then…


X-23 and Logan holding hands – Logan, Fox 2017 

In the near distant future, mutants are basically non-existent. They’ve been wiped out by a mixture of an incident that Charles caused and the laboratory Transigen – part of the same company that put the adamantium into Logan’s bones. It is important to point out that Logan and Charles are getting old; Charles is a ‘nonagenarian’ and Logan is starting to be poisoned by the adamantium, causing him to not be able to heal the way that he used to – each time he is forced to use his healing powers he gets sicker.

X-23 (or Laura) comes into this in a very unusual manner. Logan is working as a chauffeur, driving a rather nice limo for movie-moguls, hen nights and prom goers. He has Charles locked away (I think for his own safety?), being cared for by Caliban – a mutant-hunting mutant. X-23 comes along from the Transigen Lab program (a mutant with the same powers as Logan), and bam, Logan has to try to be the Wolverine again, except this time he’s actually capable of dying.


Cool guys don’t look at…sunsets? – Logan, Fox 2017

This movie made me have feels. Many feels. So many feels that I cried twice during it. All the feels. Though, I cry about a lot of things – I am a very emotional person. As a Librarian this is pretty counter productive to my job – I have to tell myself to shush!

Don’t go into this movie expecting it to be a superhero movie. It’s more a character development plot, with fighting badassness on the side. Though, saying that, I don’t think the movie would work without the fighting; the fights are a show of Logan, Charles and Laura’s character development. The fights bring them all together.

I really think everyone should watch this movie. I give it a solid 5 star rating. It’s absolutely amazing.

Below is the trailer for the film, just to get you wanting more!

Have you seen Logan? What did you think of it? If not – why? What’s your thoughts on all these Wolverine movies? Leave a comment below! 

(Header Image: Logan, Fox 2017)

‘The Web? Yeah, It’s a Job and a Hobby’ – Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The Library has recently installed some computers, which we’ve installed some games on, and I am glad that people get to experience the thrill of running around as their favourite super heroes. I am also a huge fan of lego (it keeps the children quiet in the children’s section, so the parents can  go and browse). What’s better than putting those together and getting a Lego game? This game takes form in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
Let’s get to ‘Master Building’ this review!


They even look like their respective characters! – Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of the story of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Something about the supervillains getting together to rule the world. You know, general bad guy stuff. 
I remember that I liked playing it, and I liked the way that the characters were formed from their source material. The main characters were like how they were meant to be; Iron Man was indeed a millionaire playboy philanthropist, Hulk/Bruce was a smart man and a bumbling idiot (the villain Mastermind calls him a “Man of Two minds” and that really shows).  Lego probably get paid a lot of money to make their characters believable, so that’s no big surprise really.


My favourite X-(wo)man; Jean Grey / The Phoenix in Lego form- Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013

I do have a few issues with it though. Some of the characters are exactly the same; Wolverine and Beast have the same “beast senses”, claws, run on all fours and both even look the same bar being re-paints.
Some of the story doesn’t add up either. In one part, Storm flies to a secret island yet during actual game play she can’t actually fly. Not only is this annoying, it’s completely out of character for Storm – who can fly using the power of Storms (obviously.) The large model characters, like Hulk, Thing or Abomination, can sometimes go a bit wild and what you thought was hitting an enemy was actually killing your player 2.
And don’t get me started on the fact that Spiderman, (seemingly late-teenage Peter Parker), just pops up out of no where…just out of nothingness. Just there. He’s an extremely annoying character that the game makes you have to bring along with you at every step.

Overall, I suggest giving it a play. Even though the story is perhaps lacking in memorable content, there’s so many Easter-eggs and other small snippets or call backs to other Lego games and other Marvel characters. Plus, Mr Fantastic’s idle animation is him turning into a tea-pot – and that is hilarious.
Have you played Lego Marvel Super heroes? What about the DC  games? What’s your favourite Lego super hero? Leave a comment down below.
(Header Image: Lego Marvel Super Heroes, TT Games, 2013)