‘Sugar, oh Honey, Honey’- Riverdale; CW vs Archie Comics

Hello Readers, welcome back to the library. Have you seen that we have the new Archie, Volume One from 2016, back in stock? We decided to get it in to coincide with the new live-action version of Archie, called Riverdale, by CW Entertainment. All I can say, my dears, is that you’re in for a treat.
I will attempt to make this review/comparison as spoiler free as possible.


Meet Archie Andrews – Archie, Volume One, 2016

Archibald “Archie” Andrews is your typical American high schooler; does average at school, is the popular American footballer, plays a guitar in the band ‘The Archies’. Did I mention he’s cool and popular? Like I said, typical American high schooler. People may know of Archie’s girlfriend, super smart and sporty Betty Cooper. Except, this comic starts by explaining that they are no longer together. Archie is extremely upset about it, but never tells the reader why they broke up. All he refers to is the “lipstick incident.” This is a running theme throughout the volume. And anyway, another girl (the new girl) called Veronica Lodge is beginning to draw Archie’s attention. Love triangle ensues.


Left to right; Veronica, Betty , Josie, Jug-Head, Cheryl and Archie – CW’s Riverdale, 2017

Riverdale on the other hand is much more of a murder mystery. The story starts with a flashback; on July 4th Cheryl and Jason Blossom (twins -Head Cheerleader/Queen Bee and Quarterback of the Football team) head on a brother-sister outing to the local river.  Long story short, Jason does not make it back alive. The story that Cheryl repeats is that she “dropped a glove in the river, and Jason bent down to pick it up”.  Obviously, that story is extremely fishy.
As well as the overlying plot of murder and mayhem, there’s still; the love triangle, Archie’s still writing music and American football is where all of the plot seems to end up.

I would give Riverdale a solid 4 out of 5 for fidelity to the source comic. Obviously, characters have had to change to fit in with a television audience – characters have had to be spelled out for those who are either too young to remember the original Archie comics, or those that have only just tuned into their lives.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s my lunch break, and the next episode of Riverdale is out.

Here’s the trailer to get you as excited for this series as I am –

How much do you love Archie? Have you watched Riverdale or read any of the original comics? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment down below!  

(Header Image: CW’s Riverdale, 2017


‘Truly Outrageous’ – Jem and the Holograms

Do any of you remember Jem and the Holograms? You know the one from the 1985 American children’s tv show – the stereotypical morality show; don’t cross the road without an adult, stealing is bad etc. Perhaps you know of the movie we shalt never speak of made in 2015. I beg of you to not relate that to the review  I am about to give you. To counteract the pain felt while watching the film, we ordered in the first issue of the 2015 Jem and the Holograms.
Without further ado, I want to tell you how much better the comic book is. It’s showtime, Synergy!


The new and improved Jem and her sisters Kimber, Shana and Aja- Jem and the Holograms, Volume One, IDW 2015

You may remember Jerrica Benton, a girl with an amazing singing voice and terrible stage fright. If that name doesn’t ring any nostalgic bells, Jerrica and her sisters are attempting to make themselves into the worlds next superstars, their only hold up being Jerrica’s extreme stage fright. Unfortunately, their father has previously passed away and the sisters have nothing bar their talent and each other. Luckily for them, however, is their father was a scientific extraordinaire – his final glorious machine being Synergy, a sentient holographic computer with the ability to  project just about whatever Jerrica wants/needs her to.


Issue #1 art based on the 1980’s show – Jem and the Holograms, Issue One, IDW 2015

The Misfits, who have professed themselves to be the Holograms’ worst enemy, are also just as prevalent in this comic as they were in the original story. Pizzazz, their lead singer, is an absolute terror for everyone, and her band (Jetta, Roxy and Stormer) just go along with it because she might as well own them. But there’s one thing that makes Pizzazz’s life even worse – Stomer, the band’s songwriter and keytarist, has fallen in love with Kimber of the Holograms – as seen in the feature image. (And that’s the biggest and only spoiler I am going to give you).

For fans of the series, though, this first volume can feel a bit like an exposition slog. The first issue is purely an explanation of the characters and main plot. Though, if you were going to read it I wouldn’t suggest just skipping this volume. It’s got an amazing story line, which I’ve tried very hard not to spoil, and the art is absolutely gorgeous.

Do you remember Jem and the Holograms? Have you read the new Jem? What were your thoughts? Leave a comment below! 

(Header image; Jem and the Holograms, Volume One, IDW 2015)